A Woodward Wedding


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Shortly after becoming a couple, Nick and Kat decided to tell people they had an adorable, out-of-the-movies meet­ cute while bowling one night. Truth is, they met online on May 11, 2014 and the bowling story was never used. After a week of making digital moves, they decided it was time for their first date, which happened on May 20th in Philadelphia. They kept it simple: sushi at Fat Salmon and a movie. The date was not without its hiccups, but those hiccups would soon become some of their most treasured memories.

After three dates, and a weekend with Nick’s family at the beach, they both knew it was where they were meant to be. They spent that summer falling in love, finally telling one another on September 15th. It’s been almost four years of love and laughter ever since.



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Nick proposed to Kat on her favorite day of the year: Christmas Eve, 2016. While, in truth, Kat saw it coming, Nick managed to keep his cool so well, doubts began flooding her mind. It wasn’t until the drive to his parents’ house that she could tell something might actually be up. Later that evening, the family was all gathered around to open gifts and, with each present unwrapped, Nick started to get more and more tense. Consequently, so did Kat. When gifts were done, Nick announced he had one final gift to give and it was outside on the back deck.

Within seconds, reality hit and tears began flooding down her face, so much so that Nick had to tell her, “It’s okay,” before beginning his proposal. Surrounded by the glow of the trees dressed in white lights, he spoke about their first date, all the adventures they’ve been on, and how all they’ve been through made him realize he wanted to keep going on adventures forever. With the ring box upside down, Nick asked Kat to marry him and she said—you guessed it—YES!

On Saturday, June 9, 2018, Nick and Kat will become husband and wife and are so excited to share this exciting time in their lives with you all!